Kalka Shimla Himalayan Railways

Kalka Shimla Railway, one of the very few heritage Railways in the world, as recognized by UNESCO, offers special trains and coaches besides the regular train service between Kalka & Shimla. You too can be one of the privileged persons of having the experience of travelling on these trains/coaches for a wonderful experience and everlasting memory.
The Kalka Shimla Railway line is one of the most popular hill railway in India. The trains running on these tracks, are popularly called 'Toy Trains'. A journey on this railway is a unique experience as one passes through the breathtaking landscape of the majestic Himalayas, through tunnels and over bridges; amid the lush green valleys embellished with pine and oak trees. The traveller is left with a long lasting memory of rhapsody and triumph.
The Kalka Shimla railway line was inaugurated by the British Viceroy, Lord Curzon in November 1903, covering the distance of 96 km from Kalka through the curving tracks, up to Shimla hills - the summer capital of colonial India. The toy train passes through 102 tunnels (originally 103), 969 bridges, 919 curves and 20 railway stations in its entire journey. The Guinness Book on 'Rail Facts and Feats' included Kalka-Shimla Railway as the greatest narrow gauge engineering achievement in India.

Kalka Shimla Toy Train has about 07 coaches that can accommodate around 200 passengers in a single trip. The 700 horsepower B-B type diesel engines run energetically meeting the challenge of hazardous and adverse weather conditions - temperatures ranging from 0 to 45'C, heavy snowfall - average recording 2 feet during winters, and the annual rainfall of 200-250 cm, perceived by the valley. The train acquires up a moderate average speed of 25-30 km throughout its journey enabling its travelers to soak in the beauty of the picturesque valley.
An interesting feature of the Kalka-Shimla Railway is the almost complete absence of Girder bridges. Multi arched galleries like ancient roman aqueducts being the commonest means of carrying the line over the ravines between the hills spur. There is only one 60 feet plate girder span in a Pinewood near the old engineer's bungalow at Dharampur and a steel trestle via duct, which replaced a stone gallery in 1935 in the 869 bridges representing about 3 percent of the line.
IRCTC Presents Charter Booking for Kalka Shimla Train

Have you thought of having a special train for you, your family and friends? If yes, the same is available at very reasonable and affordable rates from any station to any station on Kalka Shimla section. An exclusive train starting from Rs. 25200/- (approx.)! Readily available compositions for charters trains & their charges are:

Shivalik Palace Tourist Coach (RA-4)
  • Fare per coach for a party of six inclusive of meals enroute Rs. 4,970/- from Kalka to Shimla Rs. 3,495/- from Shimla to Kalka Rs. 8,465 both ways (including free one night stay at Shimla).
  • Provided with temperature cum time indicator and altimeter.
  • For travelling in style-fully furnished with dinning table, chairs and a well-equipped on-board kitchen.
  • Channel music system, soothing lights and bath room with ultra modern fittings.

Shivalik Queen (RA-67)
  • Fare Rs. 3160/- for eight persons. Meals complimentary.
  • Elegantly furnished coupe for the luxury of travel.
  • Offers a memorable journey for couples.
  • Provides exclusive privacy to couples.
  • Wall to wall carpet, big windows for panoramic view of the hills.

Twin Heritage Coach
  • Two special inter-connected beautifully furnished coaches.
  • Specially designed for tourism.
  • Total Seating capacity 10 + 12 = 22.
  • Ornamental electrical fittings and fans.
  • Renovated lavatory and bath with shower.
  • Attached pantry and transparent snack table.
  • Fare Rs. 510/- per passenger.

Sr.No. Compositions Charges (approx.)
1 Shivalik Palace coach + Shivalik Queen coach + Twin heritage coach INR 25200/-
2 Shivalik Palace coach + Shivalik Queen coach + Twin heritage coach + Two Shivalik deluxe chair car coaches (Ultra modern coach with reversible chairs) INR 37300/-
3 Six Shivalik deluxe chair car coaches (Ultra modern coach with reversible chairs) [Carrying capacity 120 passengers] INR 42780/-
4 Six deluxe chair car coaches [170 passengers] INR 36050/-

Note-The tariff are for One way journey only and tentative, actual charges will be advised based on train composition, itinerary and schedule.