Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about current health protocols on sailings

Vaccine Requirements

Below you’ll find answers to common questions about required COVID-19 vaccines.

 Which Holland America Line voyages currently require vaccinations?

 What is considered fully vaccinated?

 What if I am exempt from receiving the vaccination?

 What COVID-19 vaccine types are accepted on board?

 Are mixed vaccines types accepted?

 What proof of full vaccination will be accepted?

 What if I am exempt from receiving the vaccination?

 I had COVID-19 and recovered but still test positive, will I be able to travel?

 Will onboard team members be vaccinated?

Testing Requirements

Find answers to questions about COVID-19 testing.

 What types of COVID-19 tests are accepted?

 Where can I get a viral COVID-19 test near me?

 What if I do not receive my test results back in time?

 Will I still need a test before embarkation if I have recently recovered from COVID-19?

 What happens if a guest tests positive for COVID-19 on board?

Planning & Cruise Preparation

Plan ahead. Find questions and answers on testing, vaccine and document requirements.

 What requirements must be completed prior to boarding?

 Can I book back-to-back cruises?

 Do I need to send you my vaccine card and test results in advance?

 Will travel insurance be required? Can I purchase independent coverage?

Boarding & Cruise Experience

Get ready to board. Find commonly asked questions about the embarkation process on cruises.

 What is the guideline on face masks?

 If I require oxygen and/or dialysis during my cruise, may I still travel?

 Will shore excursions be limited or can I explore the destinations independently?

 What enhanced health protocols will you have in the Casino?