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Since 1949, Variety cruises has been offering immersive, destination-driven small ship adventures, hosting less than 100 guests in any given sail, thus providing a very intimate and personalized experience onboard. Our compact boats serve as your gateway to the heart of each destination, ensuring a truly immersive experience. Travellers can discover authentic local and indigenous cultures, regional cuisine, ancient sites, remote villages, secluded beaches and natural wonders only small ships can reach. We proudly navigate the most extraordinary global destinations, including Greece, Italy, Malta, the Seychelles, Tahiti, the French Polynesian isles, Costa Rica, Panama, the Middle East, the Red Sea, West Africa, Cape Verde, and more, and take you to places where bigger ships can only dream of reaching. Whichever destination you choose to visit, Variety Cruises believes strongly in providing sustainable cruising leaving minimal footprint behind while adhering to their underlying ethos to create A BETTER WORLD AT SEA. Drop anchor and step into your haven on the open waters — your cherished Home Away from Home.

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