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Venice, Italy to Piraeus (Athens), Greece

Ship: Seabourn Odyssey

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Jul 27 2019 | Aug 24 2019

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Day Venice, Italy
Depart 05:00 PM
"When I went to Venice, my dream became my address," wrote Lord Byron, just one of many famous figures who found a haven in this fantasy city. This enchanted land was built on stilts, set into the water by ancient Venetians seeking refuge from the harsh realities of landlocked life. And Venice, Italy still offers a palpable feeling of escape from the real world today. When you cruise into the lagoon and step onto what passes for solid ground, you'll still be very much on the water. Venice is a floating labyrinth of reflections, with mirror and glass sights everywhere, from glorious Venetian architecture echoed in the canal waters to the marble palaces that shimmer in the sky. And although Carnivale is only held once a year, being in Venice on any day is like going to a festival with plenty of vibrant things to do and attractions to see. Locals seem to love the many sightseeing visitors who arrive each year, and Venice will openly reveal her charms even to those who are only here for a few hours, an afternoon or a magical evening.
Venice, Italy
Day Vodice (Sibenik), Croatia
Arrive 09:00 AM Depart 06:00 PM
Located midway along the Dalmatian coast of Croatia, Sibenik is the oldest native Croatian city on the Adriatic Sea. Its location at the mouth of the Krka River and directly onshore from the 150 clustered islands of the Kornati archipelago made it an important port from prehistoric times. The town has more than its share of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, not least of which is the impressive 15th century domed St. James Cathedral, the largest church in the world built completely of stone. The stone was all imported from the offshore islands, and the building is a testament to the fine-grained quality of the material and the skill of Croatian masons and sculptors. The 16th century St. Nicholas Fortress is also inscribed by UNESCO. St. Michael’s Fortress, dominating the skyline, is a 15th century structure that contains a church possibly dating from the 9th century. It has been adapted to modern use as a venue for musical and festival presentations. In summer the stone plaza in front of the cathedral is often the site of folk dancing or other entertainments. Many visitors to this area of Dalmatia opt for a day trip to the picturesque travertine cascades and pools of the Krka River in the Krka National Park, which contains Europe’s second-highest concentration of lavender
Vodice (Sibenik), Croatia
Day Kotor, Montenegro / Scenic Cruising Bay of Kotor
Arrive 08:00 AM Depart 03:00 PM / - -
"Cruising into the Bay of Kotor, you’ll be wowed by the dramatic beauty of this coastal Montenegrin town. Dreamy seafront villages are set to a backdrop of mountains plummeting into the Adriatic Sea, while the stone labyrinth of the Old Town is filled with medieval architecture and historic monuments—as well as the narrowest street in the world. The area only became part of Montenegro after WWII, and as such has a very different history to the rest of the country. Kotor escaped Ottoman rule and developed as an important Venetian trading post, before being conquered by the Austro-Hungarian Empire, France and Russia. The city pays tribute to this dynamic history with Venetian gates, Napoleon’s theater and Austrian prisons all waiting to be discovered. There’s a reason it was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site."

Scenic Cruising Bay of Kotor

Kotor, Montenegro / Scenic Cruising Bay of Kotor
Day Kerkira, Nisos Kerkira (Corfu), Greece
Arrive 08:00 AM Depart 11:00 PM
"Corfu is the pearl of the Ionian Sea, attracting royalty from across Europe in the 19th century, and modern celebrities from all over the world ever since. The island reflects a triple heritage. As well as being undeniably Greek, the culture and food also show a clear nod towards nearby Italy, particularly Venice, whose fortresses dot the island. The British influence may be unexpected, but as they ruled the island for many years, they have left such surprises in the Mediterranean as cricket and ginger beer. The bustling atmosphere of Corfu Town remains elegant, infused with culture and history. Parts of the rest of the island have been overdeveloped, but there are still great swaths that epitomize why the Greek islands are still regarded as the most beautiful in the world, with white-sand beaches backed by verdant mountains hiding traditional old villages. It is easy to see how Corfu has inspired generations of writers: from Shakespeare, through Edward Lear, to Gerald Durrell. A true gem. "
Kerkira, Nisos Kerkira (Corfu), Greece
Day Sami, Cephalonia, Greece
Arrive 08:00 AM Depart 05:00 PM
Located on the east coast of Kefalonia, Sami is home to beautiful beaches and pleasant cafés and tavernas around the harbor that provide an ideal setting to soak up the traditional Greek atmosphere. Situated on a hill to the south of town are the ruins of ancient Sami, where visitors will find a fascinating site consisting of artifacts spanning several different civilizations over thousands of years
Sami, Cephalonia, Greece
Day Gythion, Greece
Arrive 08:00 AM Depart 05:00 PM
Gythion, the small port town for Sparta, edges its way up the hillside, which surrounds the harbor. According to Homer, Paris and Helen spent their first night together here, on a tiny islet in the bay. To commemorate the occasion, Paris erected a shrine to Aphrodite, goddess of love, only to have it torn down by the vengeful Menelaus after he recaptured Helen. In its place Menelaus erected statues honoring Praxidica (Punishment) and Themis (Justice). Not far away, at the tip of the Peloponnese, lies the Mani, a distinctive area unlike anything else in Greece. This desolate region of underground lakes and rivers and windswept landscapes is strangely beautiful. To the north of Gythion lie Sparta and Mystra, well worth a visit.
Gythion, Greece
Day Nafplio, Greece
Arrive 08:00 AM Depart 05:00 PM
Held to be one of the loveliest small towns in all the islands, Navplion has a tradition and culture all its own. The sheltered location, below a rocky headland crowned by a Venetian fortress is perhaps unrivaled in Greece. After the Greek revolution of the early 19th century, Navplion served as the first modern capital. The neoclassical houses, large official buildings and carefully planned seafront streets all date from this period.
Nafplio, Greece
Day Piraeus (Athens), Greece
Arrive 07:00 AM
"No modern metropolis is more steeped in myth than Athens, Greece. From the gritty port of Piraeus—gateway to Greece’s fabled isles—to the Parthenon—eternal symbol of Western civilization—Athens has attracted adventurers and classicists for centuries. This heritage is still very much alive for modern visitors sightseeing in Athens: ancient stadiums and temples dwell alongside apartment blocks, modern performances are staged in the marble amphitheaters where Greek drama was born and millennia-old monuments are scattered in the archaeological park that circles the Acropolis. One of the world’s oldest maritime powers, Athens is blessed with a balmy climate and stunning coastline. The seaside suburbs of Athens are scalloped with sandy beaches, fancy yacht clubs and glamorous beach bars. While the Athenian lifestyle is known for late-night dinners and dancing until dawn, the city shines brightly by day in the bustling markets, lively cafés and fascinating museums that illuminate Greece's past and present. Contemplate the magnitude of all that culture and ancient tourist attractions while marveling at the sun setting into the Aegean or rising over the Acropolis. "
Piraeus (Athens), Greece
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